Why did we start 1 WORLD RADIO ?
IIt all started on a flight from the USA to Europe. While listening to the plane's music channel I heard "Life Is A Rollercoaster" by Ronan Keating and knew  I had never heard that song being played on any US radio station. How many other great songs were we missing? The answer was MANY!


  Currently this is a "1 Man" station who can use help from everyone. In the upcoming months an expanded website will allow listeners to receive updated information about the many artists heard here on             1 WORLD RADIO     .


An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

 A great song is a GREAT song

 no matter where it's from or in what language it's sung. In 2003 I heard Antonello Venditti sing "Che Fantastica Storia e la Vita" on Italian radio. It wasn't important that I didn't understand the words, because the way he sang the beautiful tune was all that mattered.



 1 WORLD RADIO  is committed to bringing you only the best popular songs in the world. Our selective criteria is as follows:

  • Popular music with positive messages are our primary concern.
  • No offensive tunes will be broadcast on 1 WORLD RADIO .
  • "Sexually Explicit" material will not be played.
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    One cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war

     Our intended mission here at

       1 WORLD RADIO  is to play only the best songs from around the world.
    Through our sharing of music, the universal language, we might be able to bring about a better understanding of different cultures and languages and move towards a world of peace. 



    Since I am unable to know about every great song released in the world I would like you to become 1 WORLD RADIO's Music Director. Please let me know about those songs that fit our musical personality.

    Also, it is my desire to have many of the songs translated into a variety of languages so that full and comprehensive understanding of the lyrics can be enjoyed by everyone.

       Give peace a chance